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Verse Events Launch Party

This past Thursday, April 6th, we threw a party to celebrate the launch of Verse Events. To us, reaching this milestone was very important, since it was living proof that we’ve been effectively moving in the right direction, towards a … Read more


Hey there, friends! We hope that the last bit of January, the Monday of months, has got you as excited for February as it has us. As you probably know, Verse is an app that’s used to pay and receive … Read more

Verse Profiles: Alena

Hello friends! You know what we’ve realized? That it’s been a while since our last Verse profile. And because we’ve incorporated a whole bunch of new people who are really interesting and bright, we thought that we should start introducing … Read more

At the end of this year….

It’s the end of the first year that we have been in business and we can’t even believe it. In just these few months of operation we have grown so much, both as a startup and as people. We’ve had … Read more

The top ten situations for which you could (and should!) use Verse throughout the holiday season

Go all out after the office Christmas dinner suggesting one last drink at the corner bar. One person pays, the others just Verse. Everyone wins. If you happen to wake up the next morning next to that sexy coworker, stay … Read more

Great restaurant + Cash Only = Use Verse!

Hello beautiful Verse community! We are right in the middle of the holiday season and we are all feeling ready to celebrate. The lights are up, the vacation days decided, and the parties are just beginning to take off. And … Read more

Our favorite end of the year news!

Hello Verse family! We hope the beginning of the holiday season has got everyone happy and in good spirits. So before people start heading off on their breaks, we just wanted to give a quick recap of our favorite end … Read more

Happy about the ‘Start up Scale up’ initiative!

Hello Verse family! Happy Wednesday! We’re still feeling pretty good about our new Verse Ambassadors and to make things even more exciting, we wanted to write a quick entry about the European Commission’s proposed new initiative to help Fintech and … Read more

We are #Thankful!!

Because yesterday was thanksgiving, we decided it would be a perfect day to launch our new Verse Ambassador Program. Nothing could make us happier than our users and friends coming together to further commit to our cause. We are super … Read more

Hey Beyoncé! Let’s Verse

Hey Verse friends! It’s Tuesday and as you know, on Tuesdays, we #slay. To celebrate the recent incorporation of 3 kickass girls into our team (and the launch of the new Ivy Parker collection), we’ve decided to dedicate today’s post … Read more